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Hot Spring Shoes for Women

Hot Spring Shoes for Women

The spring fashion season has a hot shoe parade coming from the top fashion designers in the business. Gucci is a definite favorite with the industry as is Marni and Miu Miu. Color combined with black and gold dons the feet of women for the spring season. No woman’s wardrobe is complete without the latest brand of shoes in style and here is the following list of what is hot for the spring season:
Gucci is one of the best known shoes brands in the fashion industry. These Gucci white leather platform shoes have two gold oval rings across the toes and a 3 1/2″ high heel. Beautiful with any spring outfit this year! $689.00 from Style Drops.

Also from Gucci is a pair of 1″ heel sandals with gold leather straps. Silver buckles at the ankles make a striking contrast with the gold on these shoes. $613.00 from Style Drops.

Every woman’s feet deserves something whimsical now and then and Marni provides just what the fashion season has ordered: a pair of bright red shoes made of rubber and metal with a square of black at the ankle, decorated with two silver colored brads. These would look absolutely stunning with a yellow sun dress with a bright, splashy floral print all over it. Only $199.00 from Style Drops.

Miu Miu shoes has a beautiful pair of rhinestone encrusted black patent leather shoes for the spring season. Gold surrounds three pretty emerald stones on the toes. The shoe has a 3/4″ heel and costs only $699.00 from Style Drops.

Prada has a beautiful pair of beige high heeled shoes that look classy with any day or evening dress. These open-toed shoes with heel slingbacks are made of leather and have a 3 3/4″ heel. Only $609.00 from Rafaello.

Christian Dior has a pretty pair of turquoise blue open toed shoes with a bow across the toes. Made of patent leather with 3″ high heels, these shoes will look great with any blue outfit this spring and blue is one of the main fashion colors for the spring season. Only $609.00 from Rafaello.

Yves Saint Laurent is another big favorite with shoe lovers and who cannot resist a pair of cork heeled shoes with black patent leather? These shoes have sling backs with 5″ heels and look great with any spring or summer dress in style this season Only $657.00 from Rafaello.

Graduation Day: Buying the Perfect Dress, Shoes and Make-up

Graduation Day: Buying the Perfect Dress, Shoes and Make-up

Graduation day requires a lot of tough decisions to be made! You have to buy the perfect dress, shoes and make-up as well as fix your hair so that no individual aspect is destroyed by your graduation cap and gown. On top of this, many schools have specific regulations regarding what is and what is not appropriate to wear on graduation day. What’s a stylish college-bound girl to do? The answer lies in expertly crafted moderation.
Picking Out Your Graduation Dress

When you pick out your graduation dress, you must find a garment that fits you well but that isn’t overly tight or loose. While this sounds like something you already know, if you assess yourself honestly, chances are you wear clothes that are too tight from time to time – most of us do. When you are at a dance or a mostly standing occasion, you can get by with a tighter dress, but graduation requires a lot of sitting. Considering you will be covered in a cape much of the night, being uncomfortable in a too-small dress isn’t smart.

A solid color dress is best, but if you absolutely love a good print, look for a dress with a bold geometric print in only one color. A black dress with a T-shape down the front or large bands white bands at the collar and hem is an example of a print without an instant “loud” factor when it peeps underneath your gown.

Shopping for Your Graduation Shoes

Heels, even a subtle heel are a must no matter your height. Your legs are likely going to be on display, so you want to emphasize their tone, no matter how small or great the tone is, with a heel. If you are tall and prefer to minimize this, go with a small heel.

Shopping for Your Look

When you visit the make-up counter to buy product, opt for neutral colors based on your skin tone. Unless your school colors are beige or black, you will look a clown with excessively bold colors on your lids and lips. Ask the counter representative to demonstrate a feature enhancing, natural look for your face.

Graduation Ceremony Hair

When it comes to your hair, practically the entire top of your head will be obscured for the entire ceremony, so you are left to style a few face-framing pieces and the back – not exactly the most fun beauty challenge in the entire world.

If you frequently have your styled by a beautician, then consider getting a fresh batch of face-framing layers cut it into your hair, and this goes no matter the current length of it. Whether your hair is long or short, you want to highlight your face as much as possible because it is easily lost in a sea of solid color gowns.

If you do not have your hair cut regularly, chances are you have a bit of length to play with. If this is the case, you are in a bit of luck. Long hair helps break up the monotony of a solid color into a few different pieces, and up to five if you are an honor graduate! Accentuate the length of your hair by flat-ironing it to increase the length. If you have natural curls that you refuse to hide, make sure they are moisturized and at full-bounce.