Why Women Love Shoes

“Why do you need so many shoes?,” my husband asks me, as he shakes his head and stares at my closet in disbelief.
I start to answer him and I realize that it’s one of those age old questions that men have been asking women for years. It’s up there with “What’s inside the women’s bathroom?,” and “Why do women always want to know what men are thinking?” It’s not just my husband, millions of men want to know, “Why do we women need so many shoes? ”

The truth is women are in love with shoes. Let me give you the top ten reasons why.

1. Variety – We women simply cannot wear the same shoe every day. We need change. Plus, our shoes need to match our outfits and our outfits need to match our activities and lifestyle. After all, you can’t wear open toe sandals if you are going hiking in the canyons now can you? Plus, variety is the spice of life.

2. Style – We want to look good. No, we want to look hot. No, we want to look comfortable. See what I mean? The bottom line is that we need different styles for different looks.

3. A Good Deal – Women are born shoppers. It is a true talent and no true shopper can turn down a good deal on a pair of shoes. That is why discount shoe stores like DSW or Shoe Pavillion are so popular. No shoe shopper work her salt can resist a pair of Manolo Blahniks marked half-off.

4. Comfort (AKA High Heels vs. Falts) – what is the most comfortable louboutins or whatever the brand? High heel shoes look great, but let’s face it, they can really hurt the tootsies! Most women I know alternate between high heels and flats. You know what that means.. more shoes!

5. Durability – Well made shoes can last a lifetime. This is especially true if you do not wear them every day. As a result of this your shoes build up in your closet. Kinda like plaque on your teeth.

6. Trendy – Unlike that hot pink leather skirt you partied like it’s 1999 in, the shoes that you may have worn with it are still in fashion. In fact, Flashdance plastic jelly shoes have made a huge comeback. What a feeling!

7. Options – “Should I wear my 5 inch Marc Jacobs heels today, or my 2 inch Gucci loafers?” It’s a woman’s fundamental right to be able to make a choice on her own footwear. In order to make those choices, women need (you guessed it) many different shoes.

8. Collections – Some men collect playboy magazines. We women collect shoes. Enough said.

9. Friendship – If diamonds are a girl’s best friend than shoes are a woman’s best friend. Shoes will always be there for her. They will never shun her or treat her wrong. They will never try to steal her boyfriend or call her fat. They will never let her down. The bottom line is a women needs as many of these friends as she can get.

So there you have it. Now please don’t get me started on purses…